Legal Status of Surrey Wildlife Trust

Surrey Wildlife Trust was formed in 1959 to care for Surrey's natural landscape and all forms of wildlife, for the benefit of the people of the county.  It is a registered charity (no. 208123) and a company limited by guarantee (registered in England no. 645176).

Surrey Wildlife Trust Values

  1. We strive to encourage others to share our belief in the value of nature through proactive example and engaging education.
  2. We are passionately protecting and restoring wildlife habitats, both in the countryside and urban green spaces.
  3. We are innovative and creative, caring and enthusiastic, driven to achieve our vision.

Surrey Wildlife Trust Trustees 

There are currently 13 members of Council who provide the Trust with a wide range of professional skills and expertise in the fields of conservation, biological research, management, finance, law, marketing and education. Those elected to serve on the Council of Management are volunteers and are not paid for their services to the Trust.

Trust Governance

The Council of Management meets four times a year and is responsible for complying with the legislation and best practice guidelines of the Charity Commission. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members of the Trust is held in November each year.

The Council's responsibilities include the taking of all decisions on matters of strategic management and governance, monitoring of operations, land and buildings acquisition and disposal, health and safety, risk management, setting and amendment of investment guidelines, approving the Annual Report & Accounts, keeping the Memorandum & Articles of Association under review and appointing and appraising the Chief Executive who is responsible for the overall day to day management of the Trust.


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