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About us

Surrey Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. With the invaluable support of volunteers and members we manage over 8000ha of land for wildlife and people in Surrey. We also work with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county and inspire local communities and young people to care for wildlife where they live.

Our mission

Surrey Wildlife Trust's work inspiring people to love nature has never been more important. If we are to protect nature in the future we have to put people at the heart of it.
Sir David Attenborough
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Our history

The Surrey Naturalists' Trust was formed on 21st March 1959. Over 50 years later our name may have changed, but the motivation that inspired our founders remains the same. Over the years the number of reserves cared for by the Trust has grown steadily thanks to generous gifts of land and the purchase of sites from fundraising. In 2002 the Trust also took on Surrey County Council's considerable countryside estate and now employs over 100 members of staff to care for the countryside and inspire others to do the same - a far cry from our humble beginnings.

How we're run

A group of elected Trustees oversee the governance and strategic leadership of the organisation. Our Trustees are members of the Trust and give their experience and expertise for free.

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How we're funded

Surrey Wildlife Trust is a charity, and as such we rely on the support of membership subscriptions, donations, grants, legacies and other funding sources to allow us to carry out our work caring for wildlife in Surrey.

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