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What We Do

From our groundbreaking conservation grazing program to working with local authorities, communities and land owners to help care for wildlife, we are involved in a whole range of conservation activities across Surrey.

We look after wildlife sites and nature reserves

Surrey Wildlife Trust currently manages 82 sites, together covering almost 8,000ha, which is 5% of the land area of the county. We also work with many partners and other landowners to advise on land management for conservation, with particular emphasis on woodland, wetlands, and heathland.

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We run and host events and courses 

Our programme of exciting events includes family activities, wildlife walks and illustrated talks. Reserve work parties give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience of nature conservation.

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We campaign for wildlife

The Wildlife Trusts run campaigns to save precious habitats and vulnerable species. We lobby decision makers and aim to influence local plans and policies that affect wildlife by working with politicians, planners and members of the public.

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We work with other landowners

We encourage and hep local authorities, private landowners and businesses to manage their land in a wildlife-friendly way. 

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We educate and inspire people of all ages about wildlife

We run environmental education centres catering to thousands of school children each year. We offer training for teachers and schools to help them teach their pupils about wildlife, work with communities and local groups to help improve their local greenspaces and run courses for adult learners.

We host Forest Schools so that children and young people have opportunities to learn through positive outdoor experiences.

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We provide wildlife advice

We offer information and advice about wildlife to help individuals, planners, developers and landowners protect and enhance habitats for wildlife though our Ecology Service department, Community Engagement Officers and Outreach staff.

We support and encourage volunteers

We work with over 1,000 volunteers from a range of backgrounds who are involved in protecting Surrey's wildlife and countryside.

We provide opportunities for people to help with practical conservation on our reserves, assist with events and train for a career in conservation.

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