Restoring Surrey's nature

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Restoring Surrey's nature

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Conservation is our mission

Wildlife is disappearing at an alarming rate - some are calling it the next mass extinction - and the threat of climate catastrophe is a constant worry.

The Wildlife Trusts are calling for at least 30% of our land and sea to be connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030. Making more space for nature to become abundant once again

As a local conservation charity we care for over 60 nature reserves across Surrey with the support of volunteers and members. We also carry out a host of wildlife conservation projects across the county and help enhance and connect key habitats for rare species.

More recently we have been expanding our reach, working with others to develop a living landscape across Surrey through the creation of a Nature Recovery Network.

Beyond nature reserves

Surrey Wildlife Trust cares for wildlife on over 60 nature reserves, but this is not enough to turn the tide of wildlife decline

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Expanding our reach

Despite the excellent work in maintaining and improving the nature reserves we manage for wildlife, biodiversity is in decline and a third of Surrey’s wildlife is now either extinct or heading that way. 

The reserves we care for with our dedicated wildlife conservation volunteers remain at the heart of our work - after all, they are the oases for nature from which species will be able to recolonise other parts of the county. But this isn’t enough to turn the tide. 

For nature to thrive we need to create a ‘living landscape’ across Surrey. Working in partnership, we are focusing on key areas of the county to maximise our impact on the ground. These are called ‘Biodiversity Opportunity Areas’ or BOAs.

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Belted Galloway on heathland

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Conservation grazing

We use grazing animals to help manage wild landscapes across Surrey, including our own nature reserves and the land of partner organisations.

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Wildflower margine

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Nature-based solutions

Nature based solutions (NBS) describe natural responses to challenges including development, climate change, food and water security or emergency risk management (such as flooding). 

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A Nature Recovery Network

From housing estates to farms, nature reserves to road verges, a Nature Recovery Network is a joined-up system of places that allow wildlife and people to thrive.

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Heather landscape

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Protected wildlife sites

The sites under our care require careful monitoring and a range of techniques to ensure that they are managed and improved for wildlife. Many have special designations and legal protection.

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Conservation projects

We are carrying out a series of conservation projects across the county to protect and restore key species and habitats.

Hedgerow Heritage

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