Speak up for the environment - talk to your MP

© Ross Hoddinott

Meeting your MP is an easy way to get your voice heard and to speak directly to the people in power. If you feel the environment should be properly protected, let them know!

It’s really simple to get an appointment to talk to your local MP about your concerns for the environment and urge them to take action. I've been surprised by how much MPs listen - so don't be afraid to tell them to stand up for the environment.

How to meet your MP

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can find out here by putting in your post code: https://bit.ly/2a4tav8

All MPs have ‘constituency surgeries’ where they meet the people they represent – that is, you! Many have them every Friday but some of the busier MPs have less. They have these surgeries to listen to your concerns and hear what matters to you, and you can use your meeting to urge your MP to use their position and speak up for the environment.

To book a place with your MP, you can email their constituency office asking for an appointment (details can be found through the ‘Find my MP’ button above).  If you can’t find their constituency address, you can write to their Parliamentary address:

[MP's Name}
House of Commons,

When you ask for a meeting, explain what you want to meet your MP about and offer some time(s) and date(s) you’d like to meet. You may have to be flexible about meeting - MPs often have very full diaries, but are very good about making time for everyone. 

Meet as a group

You don’t have to go alone. In fact, you could make a bigger impression if you go as a group. 

You could even invite them to your school or college. Perhaps you could think of inviting your local MP to meet your eco-club/council if you have one, or to come and talk with you about the need for everyone to take action for the environment.

How to make your meeting effective

Share your story:

MPs love personal stories. Share yours with them – why do you care for the environment? Why do you want to see it protected? Do you care about the environment where you live? This way you can show your MP how much the natural environment matters.

Have a clear ask:

Ask your MP to stand up for a strong Environment Act. For example, you could ask them to back strong environment laws in parliament, or write to their Party Leader e.g. Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, and their environment team to support an ambitious Environment Act. Or you could ask them to speak up for the environment in Parliament. You could even ask them what they think they can do to help make this happen!

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert: 

It’s your MP’s job to listen to you and you will probably know far more than them - just be passionate about the issue.

Take a photo:

Ask your MP if you can take a photo with them - this is a great way to let others know that people have been speaking to them about nature’s recovery, and to encourage them to do the same. MPs often like the publicity too!

Write to them

Don’t worry if you don’t want to meet but still want to get your voice heard – you can write to your MP instead. You could do this yourself or get others to write a letter or email together. Let your MP know why you want the environment to be better protected and, like above, urge them to take action!

You can write either to their constituency address or parliamentary address, which you can find by typing in your post code here: https://bit.ly/2a4tav8