The Great Big Nature Survey

Family picnic

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The Great Big Nature Survey

The Great Big Nature Survey is all about people and nature

The Wildlife Trusts want to hear your opinions on some of the biggest questions surrounding nature and our role in caring for it.

  • How often do you get out into nature, if at all?
  • Is nature important to you? If so, how important?
  • What, if any, roles should people, business, and government have in managing nature?

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Family in the bluebells

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What's it all for?

The Wildlife Trusts are running this survey to find out what people in the UK really think about nature and how we, as a society, should protect it.

The results will also help The Wildlife Trusts to hold the government to account over its environmental policies and priorities. We're passionate about empowering people to take action for nature. Have your say on these important issues by completing the survey today!

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