Capture the beauty of autumn

Capture the beauty of autumn

Award-winning wildlife photographer Jon Hawkins shares his seasonal tips
Jon Hawkins

The changing of the seasons brings some excellent opportunities for stunning nature shots.

Deciduous woods are full of rich colours, especially after rain, and the quality of most cameras these days means that low light shouldn’t be a problem. In fact the low sun and misty mornings make for great photos. Try using puddles and dripping leaves to add interest. 

Less foliage means it’s easier to spot mammals. Squirrels tending to their stores of nuts, hedgehogs at dusk in the garden, badgers if you’re lucky. You might even come across a roe deer mother and her twins. You don’t always need to get that close to get a nice shot. 

Ponds and lakes provide wonderful opportunities as water birds gather before migrating. Spiders make fine subjects for macro photography, with their vibrant colours and webs beaded with water droplets. And I love the chance to shoot spectacular fungi. Go out after rain and be prepared to get down and dirty. I take a piece of board covered with silver foil to put on the ground and get some light underneath the cap.

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