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Who We Are

We are one of 47 individual Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the UK, the Isle of Man and Alderney. Together, we are the UK’s largest people-powered environmental organisation working for nature’s recovery on land and at sea.

We are one of 47 Wildlife Trusts working together to create a better future for wildlife in the UK.

Surrey Wildlife Trust manages almost 8000 hectares of land in Surrey (5% of the county) with wildlife in mind and for the enjoyment of local people.

We speak up for wildlife by advising decision makers and ensuring wildlife has a voice and share our knowledge of wildlife at every opportunity, through our education services to schools, adult learning courses and events.

Our hands-on approach of caring for nature reserves and advising other landowners on managing land for nature has transformed the fortunes of some of Surrey’s most threatened species.

We work with schools, communities and volunteers across Surrey to inform and involve people in nature. Over 15,000 children and young people now benefit annually from a wide variety of outdoor learning courses and activities.

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