Running an event on our land

If you would like to host an event or run an activity on one of our sites, please fill in the enquiry form below.

Running events and activities on our sites

We look after a variety of sites across Surrey that make great locations for outdoor events and activities, including orienteering, cycle races, running races, wedding blessings, photography courses and role playing.


We run a Permissions System for all events and organised activities taking place on our land. This system enables us to discuss the requirements for event management with organisers, particularly in relation to car parking, marshalling, risk management and habitat protection.

By issuing Permissions, we are able to ensure that no conflict arises between separate events and organised activities. We are also able to avoid conflict with any management activity that we have planned.

Please note

  • Permission is required for all events and organised activities where there is a Leader in charge.
  • Fees apply for Permissions.

Guidance notes


Events that use Public Rights of Way that cross our land

1. Public Rights of Way are for ‘normal’ public use where the public right is to pass and repass, taking a reasonable rest along the way.

2. It is generally regarded as acceptable to use Public Rights of Way for organised sponsored walks, cross country running challenges and similar events.

3. Though walking and running are unrestricted, cycle races on roads and byways require prior permission from the Police, and cycle races on bridleways are not allowed in any circumstances under the Road traffic Act 1988 Section 31.

4. The scale of the event is important; participants must (and must be able to) give way to pedestrians and horse-riders using the Public Right of Way.

5. Organisers should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the route and should consult the land owner/managers concerned (to make sure that the land owner/manager has not planned any other conflicting event or management activity, e.g. vegetation control).

6. Event organisers are responsible for risk and will require Public Liability Insurance.

7. The event organiser must tell participants that they are in a public area and do not have exclusive use of the Public Right of Way. Participants must give way to pedestrians and horse-riders.

8. Where spectators are expected to gather in car parks or alongside a Public Right of Way, permission will need to be sought from the land owner/manager.

9. Permission must be sought from the land owner/manager for car parking, check points, water stations and signage.

Events & organised activities with a Leader in charge

1. Complete the Event Enquiry Form 6 weeks in advance for 0-100 participants or 16 weeks in advance for over 100 participants.

2. Surrey Wildlife Trust will consult the Area Team and provide an initial response within 3 weeks.

3. For events or organised activities with over 100 participants, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting to discuss both parties’ requirements in detail. For events or organised activities with 0-100 participants, you may be contacted for further information but you may instead receive a Permission Letter detailing fees, restrictions and requirements.

4. You will then need to sign and return the Permission Letter with copies of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate and Risk Assessment.

5. Surrey Wildlife Trust will then sign and return the Permission Letter, enabling the events or organised activity to be advertised and take place.

Please note that Permission is required for all events or organised activities where there is a Leader in charge (includes school groups and uniformed organisations).

Please note that a Public Liability Insurance Certificate and Risk Assessment is required for every event or organised activity.

Please note that fees apply for Permissions.

Please note that you must have received a Permission Letter signed by Surrey Wildlife Trust before your event or organised activity is advertised or allowed to take place.

Enquiry form

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