Spring migrant birds


Spring migrant birds

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Spring is in the air

Many spring woodlands will be home to birds that have migrated thousands of miles to the UK to breed, like the cuckoo, blackcap, nightingale and chiffchaff.


© Amy Lewis


Traditionally heralding the start of spring, the song of the Cuckoo sounds the same as its name: 'cuck-oo'. It can be heard, and sometimes seen, in its favoured grassland, woodland edge and reedbed habitats.

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© Amy Lewis


The melodious song of the Nightingale is the most likely sign of this bird being about. Shy and secretive, it sings from dense scrub and woodland, day and night.

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© Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography


As the name suggests, the male Blackcap has a black cap, while the female has a gingery one. Look for this distinctive warbler in woodland, parks and gardens.

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© David Longshaw


In early spring, listen out for the 'chiff chaff chiff chaff' song of the appropriately named Chiffchaff. It can be heard in woodland, scrub, parks and gardens across the UK.

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