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Our brand new Leader of Outdoor Learning (Level 2) accredited course has just completed its first run and was a huge success! Laura Stone, our Outdoor Learning officer tells more...

On a beautiful Autumn day, back in October we successfully completed the first of our brand new, Leader in Outdoor Learning (Level 2) courses. 15 teachers from a range of settings across Surrey came along for 3 days full of inspiring, fun ideas to enable them to happily take the learning of their students out of the classroom!

The course was full of lively discussion over the research and theories demonstrating the benefit of outdoor learning, as well as outdoor play, and how to utilise and manage your school grounds for learning.

We spent a day visiting a local schools grounds, to see how we can put these theories into practice, and to provide a wealth of ideas for the students to take back to their own settings.


Wonderful words

We had some really lovely feedback from the day, take a look below!

I particularly enjoyed the practical workshops. Some great ideas thinking outside the box. I feel I can take all of these back to school and use them.

I like the positive attitude to not having to spend lots of money for the activities to work, makes setting up manageable. The course is very down to earth!

Outdoor practical sessions with opportunities for self reflection/extension work very good, lots of take away and use immediately.

The hands on parts were the best, great for trying out the activities and thinking as you did them how you could adapt them for different age groups. Lots of useful ideas, food for thought!

Practical activities very good and opportunities to share ideas, how we could use it/adapt activities.  Lovely orchard setting and autumn perfect season to show case OL.

Good balance of presentation/activities, time spent doing and talking.  Lots of opportunities to talk with each other/extending ideas/sharing.

The outdoor practicals were very useful, like the fact that we can access info sheets online, useful to share ideas and add own experiences.


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