Dennis the Menace Goes to Nower Wood

A short story inspired by Tobias' visit to Nower Wood for International Children's Book Day

Dennis was playing his favourite computer game. Then mum can in and tugged out the plug! “Hey mum!” screamed Dennis. “You have to go to forest school at Nower wood today and you have no choice!” commanded mum shaking her finger at Dennis and Gnasher!!!

Mum tied them up in their seatbelts (with padlocks on) and drove them to Nower wood. As mum opened the car door Dennis and Gnasher flew into the woods like aeroplanes. They were gone in a split second!!!

After a while Dennis and Gnasher found a cold, slimy pond and fell straight into it. They climbed out of the pond dripping wet. “I have got a good idea Gnasher” said Dennis. “Let’s fill the pond with custard.” As quick as a flash the pond was filled with thick, yellow custard. “Come on Gnasher I’ve got another plan,” whispered Dennis into Gnasher’s ear. They tiptoed into the deep, dark, scary woods. It took absolutely no time at all to dig an immense hole. They quickly covered the hole with leaves and camouflaged a tough net above it. Now all Dennis and Gnasher had to do was wait.

It wasn’t long before a herd of children came speeding through the woods. Luckily everyone managed to avoid the gigantic hole. However, as the children passed the ground shook like a earthquake causing Dennis and Gnasher to fall into the muddy hole, with the net falling on top of them. As Dennis looked up he saw two kind faces. “Who are you?” asked Dennis. “We are Ben and Josie.” The faces replied. “Is it you that has been causing all this trouble?” “But I don’t want to come to forest school,” whined Dennis. “It’s boring!” “Oh is it?” said Ben. “Just let us show you,” answered Josie.

Ben showed Dennis how to go pond dipping. They found a golden fish and tiny tadpoles. Ben and Dennis looked at them under the clever microscope.

Josie taught Dennis how to build a strong, sturdy, huge den. She showed him how o camouflage himself with charcoal.

In no time at all it was dusk and mum arrived to take Dennis and Gnasher home. But it was very difficult because Dennis and Gnasher would not let go of the tree! “But mum we don’t want to go home!” wailed Dennis. “Don’t be so ridiculous Dennis!” groaned mum. After several hours mum managed to get Dennis and Gnasher home to bed.

By Tobias Merritt