I've found a baby bird on the ground


I've found a baby bird on the ground

What to do

During spring you may find a baby bird on the ground that appears to have ‘fallen’ out of its nest. Find out how to work out if help is required and what to do below.  

If the bird has feathers

If the bird has feathers it is a fledgling. Unless it’s in immediate danger, do nothing.

Very few fledglings manage to fly on their first attempt and they will often spend several days on the ground. Whilst it may look like the bird is alone and in trouble, the parents are usually close by and will still be providing food.

If you find a fledgling that is in danger from a predator such as a cat is close to passing traffic, you can safely relocate it to a sheltered location such as a nearby hedge, but don't go to far! Touching a baby bird will not cause its parents to abandon it.

If the bird has no feathers

If the baby bird is pink and featherless then it is still a nestling. If you can see it, return the bird to its nest. This will not cause the parents to reject it or abandon the nest.

If you can’t find the nest or the nestling is visibly injured, please contact your local wildlife rescue centre (see below)

Please read the information above before contacting your local rescue centre.

Wildlife rescue centres in Surrey

As a conservation organisation, Surrey Wildlife Trust cannot treat sick or injured wildlife. If you find an animal that is trapped or hurt, please contact Leatherhead based wildlife rescue charity Wildlife AidHarper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Camberley or the RSPCA.