Heath Week

Celebrating heathland wildlife

with the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership

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Heath Week 2022

Celebrate our beautiful heathland wildlife with virtual tours, species guides and activity ideas from our friends at the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership.

From the ravishing bright pink of bell heather and delicate carnivorous sundew, to rare reptiles like the smooth snake and unique birds such as the nocturnal nightjar, Surrey heathlands are a haven for weird and wonderful wildlife.

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What is lowland heath?

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Virtual tours, species spotlights and more

Introduction to heathlands video

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Virtual heathland tours

Nightjar webinar

Virtual heathland nature trail

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Species spotlight videos

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Heather identification video

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Visit a heathland

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Bell heather

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All about heather

Look for large swathes of heather on Surrey's heaths in late summer and early autumn. Its delicate, loosely arranged pink flowers attract all kinds of nectar-loving insects.

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Amazing heathland wildlife


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Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus adult brooding chicks (bill of chick visible poking out of breast) Suffolk Sandlings Spring / summer - David Tipling/2020VISION

Raft spider

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Emperor moth

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photo by Richard Bowler

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Conservation grazing

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