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Explorers at Home is a safe online space for budding biologists and nature lovers to meet with our education tutors every month to play games, make crafts, and share our love of all things wild. 

With challenges and activity ideas to keep them busy and happy all the way until Christmas, Explorers at Home has been well loved since January.

Our activities are aimed at 6-13 year olds and each week has a different theme. The club takes place over Zoom and runs from 4pm-5pm one Thursday a month, normally around the third week. Remember to select all the dates you want to attend, as the joining instructions are emailed separately just before each session.

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Upcoming Sessions

18 Nov - Endangered Wonders

More detail coming soon - watch this space!

9 Dec - Underground Life

More detail coming soon - watch this space!

Important Info and Booking

Register for free online and we will email a joining link to you before each event. All children will need to be supervised by an adult (although you don't have to be sat next to them the whole time). Webcams and microphones will be disabled for all attendees, interaction with the hosts through chat, polls and other functions will be enabled. Please do not share any personal information in the chat. Our staff reserve the right to remove any attendees who exhibit unacceptable behaviour without warning. The meeting will be recorded by SWT and this recording may be made public after the meeting online and on social media.

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And don't worry if you miss any because all our past sessions are recorded and you can watch them whenever you like below...

Past sessions and resources

28 Jan – Beautiful Birds 

Birds are amazing! And we want to share how cool they are with all of you. We're going to play a game to test your birdy brains and we're going to show you how to attract birds to your garden, balcony or school with a messy craft. And then we will set you a challenge! This week's challenge is to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. Do you think you're up to it? We do!

This week's resources:

How to make your own bird feeder - instruction sheet
Garden birds identification - spotter sheet



4 Feb – Winter Wildlife 

This week we are wondering what all that wildlife gets up to in the winter! Our county changes a lot from summer to winter, and we will investigate how our amazing animals cope with these changes. We will also test your detective skills with a game that will help you know what animals live nearby to you, even when you can't see them! 

This week's resources:

Click here to play the Winter Wildlife Quiz

Click here to find out more about the Hedgehog Award

How to make a Journey Stick - instruction sheet

11 Feb – Water for Wildlife 

This week is all about the watery world around us. We will take a closer look at some of the creatures that call water their home in a fun game and we will transform water into art with a magical icy craft. There's always a challenge for you and this week you might need your wellies!

This week's resources:

How to make ice art - instruction sheet

How to make a mini wildlife pond - instruction sheet


18 Feb – Amazing Amphibians

This week we are diving into the world of amazing amphibians! We will get to know our native species, play some silly games to help us remember them and as always, get crafty too! This week's craft will transport you to another world...

This week's resources:

How to make a Bathyscope - instruction sheet

How to make hidey holes - instruction sheet

25 Feb - Weird Wildlife

This week we are celebrating the weirdest and most wonderful creatures that can be found in Surrey. We will study some sneaky species in our game and get crafting to help our local wildlife as spring approaches. See you there!

This Week's Resources:

How to make a nest box - instruction sheet

Nesting material holders - activity guide

4 Mar - Heroic Hedgehogs

This week is Lizzie's favourite animal! We are going to be thinking all about Hedgehogs! We might play a prickly game to see if you know your hogs, as well as a craft that will help you discover the night time visitors to your gardens. Hedgehogs are getting rarer in Surrey so join us to learn how you can help save the little 'hedgepigs' we all know and love!

This week's resources:

Footprint trap - activity guide
Hedgehog highway - instruction sheet
Hedgehog house - instruction sheet
Hedgehog questions for Lizzie - with answers
Helping hedgehogs - guide sheet

11 Mar - Spring Senses

This week we have a special guest host - Kirsty Porter! And together we will be diving into the beautiful season of spring with all our senses. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds and feel the weather beginning to warm.. we will play a game to welcome baby animals born in spring and create a sensational craft. See you there!

This week's resources:

Nature mosaic dream catcher - instructions sheet

Dawn chorus - bird song ID guide

18 Mar - Powerful Plants

We are joined by an expert guest this week - Katy Fielding will be hosting the game and showing us how hedgerows are much more than you might think! We will also be getting hands on with plants and talking about all things botanical! See you soon!

This week's resources:

Make a Bee Hotel - Instruction guide

Grow a Bee and Butterfly Garden - Top tips sheet

25 Mar - Nocturnal Life

For our last weekly session, we are celebrating all things nocturnal! Are your ears tuned in to the sounds of the night? Can you make a lantern to guide your way? And have you ever taken a midnight stroll? These are questions we will answer at this week's Explorers at Home! See you there!

This week's resources:

Make a Wildflower Lantern - instruction sheet

Nocturnal Pond Life - video tour

22 April - Climate Change

You have probably heard of climate change but you might not be sure what it means and what you can do about it - well that's what we're here for! Join us for fun and games and learn how you can change the world!

This week's resources:

Ideas on how you can make a difference

Reduce and reuse: tshirts into tote bags

Make your own wormery - instructions

20 May - Helping Wildlife at Home

You don't need a garden to help wildlife at home - join us and find out how we can all be wildlife heroes! We'll play a game all about natural nests and get crafty with some nettles; gloves on team!

This week's resources:

How to help wildlife at home - ideas sheet

Making nettle string - instruction sheet

Making a beetle bucket habitat - instruction sheet

Wildlife gardening survey - get involved

Watch our blue tit babies - live stream!

17 June - A Big Wild Weekend

30 Days Wild is the Wildlife Trusts' campaign to challenge people to go out and do one wild thing every day for the month of June! In preparation for the Big Wild Weekend our game is all about wildlife you might see on a camp out... How would you feel about sleeping with the wildlife under the stars? We will talk about what we're getting up to and you can share your ideas too - get ready to go WILD!

This week's resources:

Make a simple bird kite - instruction sheet

Get involved with the Big Wild Weekend - dates and times

8 July - Pond Adventures

This month we are diving into the depths with a session all about ponds! We will play a game to get familiar with the creatures that call this watery world home, learn why they are such brilliant habitats, and get creative with some underwater crafts. And if you're lucky we might even have a special guest expert joining us to answer all of your pondy ponderings!

This week's resources:

Make a mini bog garden - instruction sheet

Ponds for All - pdf guide all about ponds and how to make one

Make your own pond dipping net - instruction sheet

How do to pond dipping - instruction sheet

16 Sept - Rivers Week

It's Rivers Week and we are going to be celebrating our winding waterways and all the beautiful life that calls them home. Join us on a journey along a river with a game to set the scene, a riparian craft to get messy and as always heaps of fun and silliness to put a smile on our faces!

This week's resources:

Make a wild blackberry crumble - instruction sheet

Join our Healthy Rivers Campaign and plot yourself on our map!

Some extra information about Rivers Week 

14 Oct - King of the Woods

This month we will be celebrating the King of the Woods - the ancient oak! These magnificent trees support more species than any other, and live for up to a 1000 years... No wonder they are the reigning kings in Surrey's forests! Join us for silly games, cheeky challenges and we'll get crafty with beautiful autumn leaves - it's going to be a good one so see you there!

This week's resources:

Make a leaf stack mobile - instruction sheet

And for planting a seed - see our Powerful Plants session above

And for making autumn leaf candle holders - see our Nocturnal Life session above


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