Team Wilder Schools

Team Wilder Schools

Project-based approach

Focussing on key priority areas within the county, we are building stronger relationships with schools and working together to put nature in recovery.


How it works

With each project school we establish how their school grounds can become a better space for nature, as well as how best to support them integrating nature and outdoor spaces into their school ethos and every day life.

This can take a variety of paths, usually starting with an assembly for the children and a meeting with the key contact staff. After this, every step is tailored to the individual school's journey and might include outdoor sessions with the children, training for the staff, support establishing an eco-club, fundraising events, and school grounds improvement projects ranging from leaving wild patches to building whole wildlife gardens. Every Team Wilder School is different!

General Enquiries

You can contact us about our Team Wilder projects by


phone: 01372 379509

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