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Outdoor learning

Primary schools & Early Years

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The Raleigh School

Outdoor education programmes

Our early years and primary programmes are designed to guide children on a journey of discovery into nature, inspiring natural inquisitiveness, a sense of adventure and empathy for the natural world.

Our approach

Our sessions are planned with the children in mind, involving a range of engaging, hands-on activities and games to suit all learning styles. Every session aims to encourage enquiry, creativity and teamwork as well as delivering subject-specific learning outcomes.

Once you've chosen your sessions from the programme guides below, get in touch to book your visit. One of our tutors will then contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail, answer any questions and will provide you with a plan of the day.

Our education centres

Our two education centres each have large, private nature reserves to give your class a unique, immersive experience and to give you peace of mind regarding their safety. Visit Bay Pond, near Godstone, or Nower Wood, near Leatherhead. Find more information on both of our centres here.

Nower Wood Education Centre

© Surrey Wildlife Trust

A typical day

Schools typically choose two of our half day sessions or one full day session, with a normal day running from 10:00 – 14:30 including a break for your packed lunch. See our Programme Guides below to find out more about our sessions and prices.

Wild learning at Nower Wood

Booking enquiries

Choose your sessions from the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 programme guides above and get in touch to book your visit:

Call 01372 379509

Introductory Video

You can use the introductory video below to show your class what to expect on their visit.

DIY Outdoor Learning

Wildlife discovery kits available for hire

Our Wildlife Discovery kits contain specialist equipment and are available to all schools, community groups and youth groups across Surrey.  From £5 to £25 per week (a refundable deposit is required with these bookings).

Minibeast Explorers

Identify the mini-beasts in your grounds

  • 30 magnifying viewing pots

  • 6 minibeast collecting trays

  • 1 sweep net
  • 1 beating tray
  • 12 identification keys
  • 30 wooden spoons

£5 per week (£25 refundable deposit)

Fun with Freshwater

Discover an exciting underwater world

  • 5 pond dipping nets

  • 5 white collecting trays

  • 30 magnifying viewing pots
  • 6 identification keys
  • Plastic spoons

£5 per week (£25 refundable deposit)

Whatever the Weather

Learn about the wonders of weather

  • 2 cup anemometers
  • 2 rain gauges

  • 1 digital anemometer
  • 2 compasses
  • 2 cloud identification keys
  • 6 thermometers
  • 1 digital hygrometer

£5 per week (£25 refundable deposit)

Investigating Plants

what’s growing under your feet?

  • 5 metre rules
  • 5 frame quadrats
  • 5 grid quadrats
  • 2 50m tape measures
  • 6 plant identification keys
  • 3 clinometers

£5 per week (£25 refundable deposit)

Hedgehog/Footprint Tunnels

Detect hedgehogs and small mammals

  • 3 footprint tunnels
  • instruction pack

  • resources for surveying
  • Mammal footprint guide

£5 per week for 3 tunnels (£25 refundable deposit)

Bat Detector Box

Hear and discover the sounds of the night!

  • 9 Bat detectors
  • 2 Blue Explore bat detectors
  • Hi-vis jackets
  • 3 wind up torches
  • 1 lantern

£25 per week (£50 refundable deposit)

Moth Trap

Use a light source to attract moths!

  • Moth trap with light source, moths can be identified and counted before being safetly released

£25 per week (£50 refundable deposit required)


For more information and availability email or contact Victoria Pinder 01483 663300. 

Kits are available for collection from either Nower Wood, Leatherhead KT22 8QA or our HQ in Pirbright (near Woking) GU24 0JN.

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