Orienteering Trail

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Orienteering Trail

Navigate in nature

Learn how to use a compass to take bearings before venturing out in small groups for an adventure which will take you around the whole reserve! Along the way you will look for hints and decipher clues which will make an anagram of an animal which lives in the woods.

We will provide compasses and basic first aid kits with maps and whistles for each group leader. Clipboards and pencils are also available to borrow.


Session Details

  • This session is suitable for KS2 
  • It is suitable for one class at a time of up to 30 children 
  • The trail lasts 90 minutes so is only suitable for groups splitting their day into 2 sessions
  • Required ratio – one adult per group of up to 6 children

Self-guided Visits

Download the pdf guides for running this session as a self-guided visit below.

Session Overview

Click here to download the KS2 pdf guide:

Session Overview and Curriculum Links


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Activity How-to Guide


Teach your class how to take bearings using a compass with this simple presentation. If you're visiting Nower Wood you don't need to download it in advance.

How to take a bearing - instructional presentation

Orienteering map of Nower Wood