Wild at Heart Gifts for Your Valentine!

© Tom Marshall

If you’re wild at heart and otterly in love with your Mrs Snuffles, why not forget the chocolates and flowers this year and buy a wild gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?

If you adopt an adorable hedgehog, otter or goat from Surrey Wildlife Trust for your beloved, you can share the love with the county’s wonderful wildlife too!

“Every adoption helps us continue our vital work to protect some of the most precious species and habitats in Surrey,” said Gale Hayward, Surrey Wildlife Trust’s Adoptions Co-Ordinator. “An animal adoption is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day and bound to warm the heart of any nature lover!”

Romantic souls can adopt a hedgehog, otter or goat for their truelove for just £25, which includes:

• A cute cuddly toy.
• A personalised adoption certificate.
• A species fact sheet.
• A photograph and sticker.

Hedgehogs are in trouble but the Trust’s Hedgehog Hotspots and Hedgerow Heroes campaigns are aiming to survey these much-loved prickly mammals and improve their habitats across the county. More than 700 people have already recorded sightings of hedgehogs and nearly 150 volunteers have signed up to learn hedgerow conservation skills - adopting a hedgehog will help us continue these important projects. 

Otter populations are starting to recover and it’s hoped we may soon see these beautiful mammals returning to Surrey. By adopting an otter you will be contributing to our vital conservation work, restoring riverbanks and working with landowners to improve river corridors so that otters can move across the county more easily.

Adopting a goat will support our conservation grazing programme, which helps manage rare wildlife habitats across the county. Our goats play a crucial role at nature reserves such as Wisley Common and Betchworth Quarry. Each adoption will help us care for our goats through the purchase of fencing materials, medical equipment and winter feed.

So why not make this Valentine’s Day otter-ly and goat-ally unforgettable and share some wild love with your other half? 

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