Payroll Giving

Payroll GivingHarvest Mouse © Amy Lewis

Open a payslip with a difference, one where the deductions make you feel good!

This is the most tax-effective method of giving

An alternative way to support our work at Surrey Wildlife Trust is to give a regular donation through your payroll.

This is the most tax-effective method of giving as donations are deducted before you pay tax. This means that for every £1 you give, we will receive an extra 20p. For example if you give £10 per month only £8 comes out of your salary and the rest is paid by the taxman (at the standard tax rate of 20 per cent).

Please contact your employer to find out if they run a Payroll Giving Scheme quoting Surrey Wildlife Trust’s Charities Aid Foundation “Give As You Earn” registration number: 005805

(Please note that payroll giving cannot be used to pay for a membership subscription with the Trust or to pay for any goods or services supplied)

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