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Make your legacy count for Surrey’s wildlife

Leave a LegacyRed Deer © Jon Hawkins

After taking care of loved ones, please consider a gift in your Will to help the Trust continue its work.

Legacies have made a huge difference to our work, enabling us to acquire and manage nature reserves, protect endangered species and habitats and inspire children to value wildlife.

Many people do not realise that if their estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold, any ‘additional’ amount is subject to 40% tax

SWT Trustee David Starkey is a retired financier who developed a keen interest in the natural world after moving to Surrey as a young man.

"I have been involved with Surrey Wildlife Trust for over 30 years, since moving into the county and being inspired by the commitment and friendliness of my local group. Over the years it has been my privilege to see at first hand the dedication and enthusiasm of all those involved with the Trust, both staff and volunteers. Leaving a legacy to the Trust is my way of saying thank you for the enjoyment and satisfaction of being a part of an organisation wholly committed to the betterment of the natural environment and wildlife of Surrey.

With all the development pressures on Surrey, a strong and vibrant Trust is essential to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy what we, perhaps, take for granted. Legacies are a valuable source of income for the Trust and I for one, would rather see the Trust benefit than the taxman."

No matter how big or small, please leave a gift in your Will and help ensure our wildlife thrives for future generations to enjoy.

Many people feel they pay enough tax during their lifetime and do not realise that if their estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold, any ‘additional’ amount is subject to 40% tax. 

By leaving a tax free legacy for wildlife, you can help ensure that our county’s rarest habitats are protected from development and neglect for years to come, plus reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate.

Legacy income is used to fund the strategic work of the Trust, but it is also important for projects such as the rebuilding of our flagship education centre at Nower Wood, as well as contributing to important work such as the Surrey Dormouse Project.

Types of gift

You can choose which type of gift you would like to leave in your will:

A share of your estate
You may choose to leave whatever is left over once all your other legacies have been made and all costs met. You may wish to specify fractions or percentages of your estate or the residue (balance left) after other gifts and commitments have been made.

A sum of money
This is when you choose to leave a specific sum of money to a person, organisation or charity. Please remember that inflation may impact on the value of this legacy.

A specific gift
When you wish to leave a specific item such as a painting, books, jewellery, an area of land, stocks and shares, or property.


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