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Surrey Wildlife Garden Awards

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How does your garden shape up for nature?

Entries open 1st April 2020

Make sure your garden is the best it can be for wildlife. Read the entrance criteria below and use the handy links at the bottom of the page for top tips and detailed advice to increase your chances of winning an award.  Competition will open for entries online on 1st April 2020.  

Before you enter

Please read the following information carefully before you enter


The Surrey Wildlife Garden Awards are judged under the following categories are are open to everyone in the county.

Private garden

Is your garden or outside space bursting with wildlife?  Choose from small, medium or large garden categories.

School grounds

Has your school created a wildlife garden area within the grounds for children to enjoy? If so, enter now, there is a chance your school could win £50 of Garden Centres vouchers!

Business grounds

Is your business making space for wildlife in your grounds ?  We want to know! Enter the Surrey Wildlife Garden Award and be recognised for your efforts!

Community gardens, allotments & churchyards

If you have a community garden, allotment, churchyard or other shared grounds and you are working together to make space for nature, enter now!


To win an award, gardens must have a number of wildlife features from each of the following areas. The more features you have from each area, the higher your award. 

Download criteria checklist as a pdf

FOOD features

  • Bird feeding station                                                                           
  • Nectar rich flowers
  • Fruit trees                                                                                                    
  • Berry-bearing shrubs and plants
  • Food left out for hedgehogs                                                          
  • Perennials left un-cut until Spring
  • Vegetable patch/container                                                           
  • Herb patch/container

SHELTER features

  • Dead wood / log pile / tree stumps                                      
  • Rock or stone pile
  • Climbing plants on wall/trellis                                                 
  • Mixed native hedging
  • Wildflower area/ container                                                         
  • Nesting box for birds or bats
  • Hedgehog House                                                                                    
  • Solitary bee shelter
  • Insect/bug hotel or hibernaculum
  • Patches of lawn left to grow long or area left for weeds (i.e. nettles, dandelions, daisies)

WATER features

  • Water dish/shallow plate at ground level for insects and hedgehogs
  • Wildlife pond (no fish!)                                                                   
  • Bucket or container pond
  • Bird Bath                                                                                                      
  • Bog or permanently wet area
  • Drought resistant plants


  • Hole or gap in fence/perimeter for wildlife corridor
  • Use peat free compost
  • No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or slug pellets
  • Compost area or bin
  • Wormery
  • Rain Butt
  • Seed swap or share cuttings?


The top garden from each of the categories will win £50 of garden vouchers and all qualifying gardens will receive the following awards:

Platinum (NEW for 2020)

To qualify for our new platinum award, your garden must include twelve or more of the listed wildlife garden features, and must include at least three features from each section.

You must also be able to demonstrate that you are a wildlife gardening advocate, sharing your knowledge or cooperating with friends, family and neighbours to create a wildlife friendly street or neighbourhood. 

Platinum award gardens will receive a wildlife garden certificate and special garden plaque.

The top 3 platinum award nominees from each category may be contacted for further assessment to find Surrey's best wildlife gardens.


Gold award

To qualify for a gold award, your garden must include twelve or more of the listed wildlife garden features, and must include at least three features from each section.

Gold award gardens will receive a wildlife garden certificate and garden plaque

Silver award

To qualify for a silver award, your garden must include eight or more of the listed wildlife garden features, and must include at least two features from each section.

Silver award gardens will receive a wildlife garden certificate. 

Bronze award

To qualify for a bronze award, your garden must include four or more of the listed wildlife garden features, and must include at least one feature from each section.

Bronze award gardens will receive a wildlife garden certificate. 

Wildlife gardening advice

Find out how to make your garden a wildlife haven before you enter

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