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Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre

Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre (SBIC) collects, manages and disseminates information on the flora, fauna and habitats of Surrey. In doing so the Centre seeks to hold as comprehensive a record of the wildlife of Surrey as possible.

The Centre holds as its core belief that informed decision making and a better understanding of the landscape of Surrey can only be achieved through access to relevant information on the distribution and abundance of species and habitats across the County.

Recording Service


The SBIC website is currently offline due to a technical fault. Please direct any enquiries to

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Enquiry Service:

SBIC provides a background ecological data search service for both non-commercial and commercial needs.

A response based on our standard data search service includes information on:

  • Statutory and non-statutory site designations (i.e. sites of regional/local importance including Ancient woodland (our response will include information on their name, their location and the basis for their designation).
  • Protected species.
  • Rare/notable species.
  • Priority Species/Species of Conservation Concern as identified in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

If you would like us to undertake a data search for you please email the following details to

  • A grid reference or map, showing a site boundary, for the centre of the desired search area.
  • The size/radius of the desired search area.
  • Company details, or for non-commercial enquiries an indication of what the information will be used for.

Charges will be applied based on the amount of time needed to complete the report. Charges will not normally be applied to requests received from schools/colleges and members of the public.