We are working with groups across Surrey to create wildlife friendly spaces for local communities to enjoy.

Allotments - Bees Needs Project

Allotments make great bee habitat, with more bee sightings than in parks, gardens and the wider countryside.

Allotments act as stepping stones, allowing wildlife to move across our urban areas and are vital in providing a living landscape were wildlife can thrive.

RBBC and SWT are working together on the ‘Bee’s Needs’ project. Using a £4k grant from DEFRA we are transforming Colesmead Allotment in Redhill into a pollinator paradise.

We are turning the unproductive, unused spaces into important wildlife habitat by:

· Sowing wildflower meadow and verges

· Planting native hedgerows

· Installing raised planters to be filled with herbs, lavender and even more flowers

· Planting orchard trees

· Creating a bee hive area

Bees matter 

· Bees play an important part in our complex ecosystem

· They help to pollinate about every third mouthful of food that we eat, for free

· There are three types of bee;  honey bees, bumblebees and solitary bees

· All species are facing decline due to a lack of food as there is not enough nectar and pollen rich flowers & plants are often doused in pesticides 




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