Wildlife Course Booking Conditions

1. Safety and first aid

All activities run by the Surrey Wildlife Trust are run with safety as a priority, and the Adult Learning Officer is First Aid trained. There will be safety instructions where necessary as part of the session, which we expect all participants to follow. Please inform the bookings administrator of any dietary requirements or medication taken. Please bring any medication needed and make the course leader aware of where it is.

2. Clothing and Equipment

  • All participants should be adequately prepared for the outdoors. Clothing should be suitable for getting muddy/torn.
  • Winter: warm clothes and waterproofs.
  • Summer: Hats, suncream and water should be brought; waterproofs if it looks like it may rain.
  • We recommend long trousers and long sleeved tops, even in the summer, to help prevent bites, scratches and ticks. Insect repellent may be applied if wished.
  • Footwear should be sturdy trainers or boots to reduce the likelihood of slips, trips and falls.

3. Inclement weather

Our activities will run unless the weather is so bad it would be dangerous to do so. Some of the sites we use have access to a building if necessary and have toilets available.

4. Refreshments

If the activity lasts all day, please bring a packed lunch & a drink. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

5. Refunds

a) Unfortunately these courses can only be run in the event that we have sufficient bookings. Therefore, on occasion we reserve the right to cancel a course and provide a full refund.

b) Should you cancel a booking, we will provide a full refund up to 4 weeks prior to the course date. Exceptions can be made in the event that we have a waiting list for the course.

6. Variation of conditions

Surrey Wildlife Trust reserves the right to vary its booking conditions from time to time as necessary. Bookings will be subject to those conditions prevailing at the time of booking confirmation.