School of Veterinary Medicine Partnership

Surrey Wildlife Trust’s farming activities have created the opportunity for a new partnership between the University of Surrey and the Trust.

The University of Surrey has created a new School of Veterinary Medicine at its Guildford campus, one of only eight in the country.

SWT is primarily a research partner with the University. We host students studying the veterinary and ecological elements of grazing animals in the county. Students also visit the Trust’s home farm at Wisley to improve their animal handling and husbandry skills.

We now provide sheep and non-breeding cows from our grazing herd for students to work with, along with a small group of horses. They are involved in everything from basic animal handling skills for first years to motion capture technology used by PhD students to investigate equine locomotion.

Conservation grazing is fundamental to SWT’s core objective of supporting education and research. Surrey’s commercial vets don’t always get the chance to see livestock grazing on large areas like the ones we manage. By demonstrating how conservation works in real life, we can share our farming model with landowners, farmers and the wider countryside community which can only enhance biodiversity. 

We look forward to bringing you further updates as the partnership and syllabus evolves.

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