Partnership & Advocacy

Surrey Wildlife Trust works in partnership with a variety of organisations on a wide range of projects

Surrey Nature Partnership

At the ‘Rio Summit’ back in 1992 there was global endorsement for a fresh urgency to save the World’s wildlife. Then followed Biodiversity Action Planning, through which its multi-agency partnership approach achieved some notable successes, including significant habitat restoration on key sites and a reversal in the fortunes of some highly threatened species. Nevertheless, national and local biodiversity indicators have continued to decline, with habitat fragmentation across the landscape remaining a significant brake on recovery. Landscape-scale conservation is the response, and the need for its implementation has now re-structured national wildlife conservation thinking and strategy.

The Natural Environment White Paper The Natural Choice has recognised current environmental concern and thinking, recommending a new form of Local Nature Partnership. These have a central mission to better integrate drivers of economic recovery with those promoting landscape-scale conservation and the sustainable use of the environment. Thus the Surrey Nature Partnership was born.

Wey Landscape Partnership

The Wey Landscape Partnership was formally established in 2012 primarily to improve our local waters in the catchment of the River Wey.

Surrey Wildlife Trust presently chairs the partnership, as the landscape-scale approach to achieve this embodies our Living Landscapes vision for Surrey’s most important river system. Partly driving this is the EU Water Framework Directive, imposing a zero-tolerance attitude to water pollution across the European Union. The government’s response is the Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA) to future water management whereby the Environment Agency (as the authority responsible for compliance) engages with the broadest set of stakeholders, across whole catchments, to address the perennial problems underlying local water pollution.

The Wey Landscape Partnership involves a steering group plus various locally or topic-focussed working groups (see RiverSearch and Invasive Species). Our formal Partnership Agreement is available here, together with meetings minutes and other key partnership documents.


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