Treasure Chest Appeal

In 2014 an incredible number of people supported our Treasure Chest Appeal. However, we’ve been so successful in our funding applications that our Treasure Chest is now empty!

Treasure Chest donations offer us a unique opportunity. This is because for every £1 you give we can unlock up to a further £9 from Surrey companies.

For example:

£30 = £300 £50 = £500 £100 = £1,000

Previous Treasure Chest donations have made it possible for us to unlock funding for a major access and restoration programme on Chobham Common, the largest National Nature Reserve in the south east of England. Chobham is one of the best examples of lowland heath in the world. 

In the future, Treasure Chest donations could help us bring otters back to Surrey. Surrey is one of the last counties in England without a resident wild otter population. Building artificial homes, known as holts, offers otters a safe place to rest and breed (see over for details). 

We have so much that we want to do and it is only with your continued support that we are able to access this valuable - and unique - source of funding!

How could your Treasure Chest donation help?

Otters used to be widespread in Britain, however they suffered a catastrophic decline in the 1960s. Populations have recovered in most of the country BUT they are still incredibly rare in South-East England.

Surrey RiverSearch

Our RiverSearch project has been instrumental in looking out for otter signs around our rivers and improving the features and habitats around our rivers.

At Papercourt Meadows, near Woking, we want to install an artificial otter holt to encourage these shy and elusive mammals to finally recolonise Surrey.
This will add to our artificial holts already in place across Surrey which, along with habitat improvements, have resulted in positive sightings of the otter, but sadly, no established populations, as yet.

Surveys, monitoring and data collection are key if we want otters back in our rivers. In conservation terms, otters are a ‘flagship species’ at the top of a food chain, signalling a healthy river for all of us.

Your donation could give this vital work the funds we need to help us bring this iconic species back to Surrey!