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Surrey County Council's public consultation

Surrey County Council (SCC) launched a county-wide public consultation on the 25th September concerning the possible introduction of car park charging on five of its rural sites.

The 5 sites are: Chobham Common, Wisley and Ockham Commons, Whitmoor Common (Part of the Worplesdon Group of Commons), Rodborough Common and Norbury Park.

This is an SCC consultation and all correspondence and comments should be directed to the Council. The public consultation will last 6 weeks until 6th November.

Visit the SCC survey page >>

If you would prefer a printed copy please call the SCC Contact Centre phone number on 03456 009009 or text 07860 053465 to request a printed copy of the questionnaire.

For more information please contact the a SCC Contact Centre using the number above.

Newlands Corner

If you intend visiting Newlands Corner in 2017. Please read the information below:

Who owns Newlands Corner?

Newlands Corner is private land owned by the Albury Estate. Surrey County Council has an agreement with the Estate to provide access.

Surrey Wildlife Trust is contracted by the Council to manage Surrey County Council’s countryside estate.

At Newlands Corner, this contract covers activities such as litter picking, clearing paths, dog bins, tree safety and car park maintenance.

What are the changes at Newlands Corner?

Surrey County Council’s aim is to make its countryside sites become self-financing by 2021 due to the strain on its budgets. As a result, parking charges will be introduced at Newlands Corner in 2017.

There will be 20 mins FREE parking for all visitors. Thereafter, payment will be charged per hour. You will also be able to buy an annual pass from SCC for £40, which will allow you to park as often as you like. Blue badge holders will not be charged when parking in the disabled bays.

At the same time there will be some much-needed improvements to the site including better toilets and more benches to enjoy the view. 

Where will my money go?

The money received from car parking at Newlands Corner will be used by Surrey County Council to cover the cost of managing the Surrey County Council countryside estate.

As a member of SWT will I get free parking at Newlands Corner?

As Surrey Wildlife Trust does not own Newlands Corner, it is unable to offer free parking to its members. SWT members get free parking at all SWT-owned sites.

What conservation work does SWT do at Newlands Corner?

Through sensitive grazing techniques and adapting the mowing process, SWT ensure that the chalk grassland remains in optimum natural condition to benefit an abundance of species.

In addition, through funding from Butterfly Conservation, SWT has also greatly improved the habitat for the small blue butterfly through scrub clearance, creation of scrapes and sowing kidney vetch (the sole foodplant of the small blue) as well as other butterflies and flora.

More Information from Surrey County Council

Information about the proposed parking changes at Newlands Corner in 2017