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Sat 10th May 14
Springs in the Wood
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Cucknells Wood

Large_cucknells_wood_bluebells_1_joanna_birdBluebells at Cucknells Wood by Joanna Bird

Situated on Weald Clay, close to the Atherfield Clay/Hythe Beds junction, which forms the steep rise in the ground on which Little Cucknells is situated. Here a spring line gives rise to a damp alder wood which is good for mosses. The rest of the wood is mixed with oaks, ash, birch, rowan or mountain ash and hazel. Some holly, wild cherry, hawthorn and crab apples are also present. In the centre of what was the Big Meadow, now reverted to alder copse, is a clump of Norway spruce – a Christmas tree venture that got away!

About 70 species of flowering plants have been recorded. Pignut is present indicating a neutral or slightly acid soil. The more attractive flowers include bluebell, bugle, foxglove, primrose, common spotted orchid and yellow pimpernel; those areas which have to be cleared and replanted are especially rich.

Birds are fairly typical of the woodland habitat and include nuthatch, tits (both marsh and willow) tawny owl, tree creeper and three species of woodpecker.

The area known as Snake’s Alley is a damp open space with a good diversity of insect life.

Management is aimed at promoting a varied age structure of the trees; selective thinning is therefore carried out where necessary. Oaks have been planted and excessive sycamore seedlings removed.

The reserve is particularly noted for its fine display of bluebells in spring and of the vast numbers of silver-washed fritillaries.

Cucknells Wood is located south-east of Shamley Green, and access is via Stroud Lane. Bus no’s 53, 63 and 523 stop 1 mile away.

Size of Site : 10.55 ha / 26.07 acres
Designation :
Grid reference : TQ 041 430
Habitat : Woodland
Walking Boots Advised Suitable for children