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Broadstreet, Backside & Rydes Commons

These commons are a mixture of semi-mature birch and oak woodlands and poor acidic grassland.

The diversity of these commons is a direct reflection of the range of uses the land had in the years after the First World War. Used as traditional foraging in parts, other areas were clear felled for timber, ploughed for wheat and potatoes, or left to be used for recreation by local people.

The present day landscape is a mixture of semi-mature birch and oak woodlands, and poor acidic grassland. Fortune has intervened at some point at Backside Common. The interplay between hazel coppice and blackthorn bushes has kept enough viable habitat for nightingales to have persisted.

The clay soils and the intervention of man have brought into existence a variety of ponds, and connecting drainage ditches, which provide an extra resource for wildlife.

The commons provide a valuable resource to local people. The large housing estate of Park Barn lies to one side, with Woodstreet Village, Broadstreet, and Fairlands Estate both nestling on the boundaries.

Boradstreet and Backside Commons are part of the Worplesdon Group of Commons managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust on behalf of Surrey County Council.

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