Vote Wildlife on June 8th!

Thursday 25th May 2017

Vote Wildlife on June 8thHarvest Mouse - Amy Lewis

The snap UK General Election on June 8th is happening at a crucial time for wildlife. Never before have the stakes for wildlife been so great. The majority of our environmental laws are currently entwined with our membership of the European Union; and so are some key policies that affect wildlife – including agriculture and fisheries.

The next Government will have some big decisions to make for the UK’s natural environment – almost immediately.

We know there is huge popular support for wildlife and the environment from people of all backgrounds. A recent YouGov poll found 80% of people believed the UK should have the same or stronger environmental protection after leaving the EU.

Surrey is an extremely bio-diverse but also densely populated county. Wildlife is under particular threat from new building developments and pressure on the green belt. The upcoming State of Surrey’s Nature Report reveals that 12 per cent of species have disappeared from the county in the past 30 years, while many others are in serious decline.

Surrey Wildlife Trust is calling on all parties to commit to:
1. Nature's recovery in a generation – crucially requiring the transfer of all current EU environmental laws into statute in the UK.
2. Protection of our marine wildlife – with a network of marine protected areas in UK seas and sustainable fisheries policies.
3. New sustainable policies for our farmland - allowing wildlife to thrive alongside food production. 

We believe taxpayers’ money should be invested in creating abundant wildlife, healthy soils, clean water, climate change mitigation and beautiful landscapes for the benefit of everyone.

You can help give wildlife a safer future. Candidates will be talking to you on your doorsteps and in your streets. You can let them know how much wildlife matters to you and ask them what they plan to do to help it thrive.

Surrey is home to wonderful wildlife and beautiful landscapes and should continue to be one of the best places in the world to live, for this and future generations.

So please help us give nature a voice and vote for wildlife on June 8th.

More information about the importance of environmental issues in the upcoming election here >>

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