Trust Urges Surrey MPs to Stand Up for Nature as Brexit Looms

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Chobham Common - Jon HawkinsChobham Common - Jon Hawkins

Surrey Wildlife Trust is calling on all MPs in Surrey to sign Greener UK’s Pledge for the Environment as Britain prepares to leave the EU – to date only one MP in the county has done so.

The Trust is among 13 major environmental organisations which have united in a new Greener UK coalition, to persuade the Government to put the environment at the forefront of its plans for post Brexit Britain.

157 MPs across the country have already signed our pledge and agreed to do everything in their power to make the UK a world leader on the environment.

Surrey Wildlife Trust is one of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK calling on the Government to match or exceed current environmental, wildlife and habitat protections after Brexit. 

The Trust’s Chief Executive Nigel Davenport said: “The EU has provided a strong framework of wildlife protection and funding for environmental projects, which has reduced the speed of wildlife loss and begun to turn the tide of fortune for some species in Surrey. 

“The decision to leave the EU brings significant long-term risks for our wildlife and environment. We’re calling on all of our MPs in the county to pledge to build a better future for our wildlife, wild places and for all of us.

“We strongly believe funding for environmentally friendly farming must be retained and developed further, and that legislation to protect wildlife should be strengthened, not weakened, in an independent UK.” 

EU laws have made a big impact on water quality in Surrey’s rivers and the air that we breathe. European protection means threatened species such as Nightjars, Dartford Warblers and Woodlarks have been given space to thrive; Chobham Common, Wisley and Ockham Common and Hankley Common are all safeguarded for their rare heathland habitats under European classification as Special Protection Areas for birds. 

The Wildlife Trusts Chief Executive Stephanie Hilborne said: "Every way you look at it, despite the strong protection we have for some sites and some species, nature is still struggling, and the only way for the UK to reverse the fortunes of its wildlife now is to be forward-looking and ambitious.

"Now is the moment to put nature and wildlife back on the map, with a legislative framework to support this, so we do not falter."

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