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30 Days Wild - Embrace Your Wild Side!

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Surrey Wildlife Trust is urging everyone to get outside and go wild this June, as it launches its 30 Days Wild challenge.

The initiative is backed by new research that proves contact with nature really is good for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Everyone is encouraged do something wild every day from 1 – 30 June - whether you take time out to smell a wildflower, listen to birdsong, go pond dipping, explore a wild place, taste some wild blackberries or plant some seeds.

“We’re really excited about getting people of all ages across Surrey engaged with nature through ‘random acts of wildness’ every day in June,” said Surrey Wildlife Trust’s Charlotte Magowan.

“These can take a few seconds, a few minutes or a whole day. The key thing is to get involved and to discover and enjoy some of our wonderful wild spaces across the county. Taking part in the 30 Days Wild event is a great way to feel happier, healthier and more connected to nature this summer.”

30 Days Wild is a national campaign headed by the Wildlife Trusts.

New research, carried out by the University of Derby following last year’s event, found that people who do something ‘wild’ every day for a month change their attitude to nature and report improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr Birgitta Gatersleben, Director of Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey, said: “There’s a lot of evidence that being outdoors and being exposed to a natural environment has a positive effect on people. Seeing or interacting with nature helps people recover more quickly from stress and mental fatigue, it helps restore cognitive function and makes people feel more relaxed and healthier. People have an inbuilt connection with the natural world, a predisposed need to be related to nature and very short snippets of nature can actually be very beneficial.”

Michelle Jones, aged 34, who took part in 30 Days Wild in Surrey with her four children last year, claimed the challenge gave the family time to stop and interact with nature in fantastically fun ways.

“We giggled as we saw a spider gobble up a fly, gasped as the slimy slugs slithered across our feet and really just stopped and took time to see,” said Michelle. “It soon became a daily ritual with increasing excitement from my children - they loved touching spiders’ webs, hunting for ants and hugging trees. My children can’t wait to do it all over again this year and hopefully they can inspire me with more ideas to get out and be wild!”

Taking Part

Taking part in 30 Days Wild is FREE, open to people of all ages and the Trust hopes schools, families, businesses, community groups and individuals will all sign up to go wild.

“Last year people let their lawns grow wild, adults danced in the rain and families created wild works of art, went star-gazing and made homes for wildlife in their gardens. Even people at work found time for wildlife, taking meetings outside in the sun and transforming work spaces into wildlife habitats,” added Charlotte.

“By looking out for nature on a regular basis people are more likely to care about and protect it - and that’s what Surrey Wildlife Trust is all about. We’re here to inspire everyone every day throughout June and beyond. Whatever their age, wherever they live, we want everyone to feel they can take part and join thousands of others to make nature part of their life.”

To sign up for a FREE 30 Days Wild pack, complete with a wallchart, stickers, a badge and lots of wild inspiration, simply register below.

Everyone is encouraged to share their 30 Days Wild experiences with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #30DaysWild.

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