School Grounds Week

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Pupils from Warwick School Engaging in Outdoor Learning ActivitiesPupils from Warwick School Engaging in Outdoor Learning Activities © Neil Jameson

For National School Grounds Week, Surrey Wildlife Trust is encouraging local schools to improve and use their school grounds as an additional classroom.

Through a training event at Warwick School the charity is hoping to show teachers, governors and parents how the school grounds can be transformed to benefit both the delivery of the curriculum and the local wildlife.

Warwick School has an environmental area that has been developed in partnership with Surrey Wildlife Trust over many years and boasts a pond, stag beetle loggery, insect homes and a forest school area.

As Susan Edwards, Surrey Wildlife Trust’s People & Wildlife Manager, explained:
“Using a well-designed outdoor area can bring such subjects as literacy, numeracy and science alive and enhance the learning whilst providing lots of fun for the children. As part of National School Grounds Week, we are providing practical advice on developing school grounds through a series of workshops around the County.”

Surrey Wildlife Trust regularly supports schools in improving and using their grounds and outdoor spaces and are using this experience to help motivate and support schools. The training event is on 12th June and for further information and to book a space, contact

National School Grounds Week is organised each year by the national school grounds charity, Learning through Landscapes, who’s patron is Sir David Attenborough.