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The Gardener's Friend

Posted: Thursday 20th August 2015 by

The Gardener's Friend The Gardener's Friend

Small, round, brown and famously covered in spines, the hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain's wild mammals.

Help for Hedgehogs Conference
Mon, 26/10/2015 9:30am - 1:35pm

During ‘Wild About Gardens Week’, Surrey Wildlife Trust together with RHS Wisley are celebrating the gardener’s friend; the hedgehog. A range of fascinating talks have been put together to bring you more information on the secret lives of these creatures and their homes. Hedgehog numbers are estimated to have declined by over a third between 2003 and 2012. Join us to see how we can ensure that hedgehogs remain a familiar part of our lives.

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Love Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are our nocturnal garden friend. They are our natural pest control. They eat lots of insects including beetles, caterpillars, slugs & snails. If you want to attract hedgehogs it is best to avoid using pesticides & slug pellets, as less hedgehog food equals fewer hedgehogs.
Milk is not good for hedgehogs but they love kitten biscuits & meat flavoured cat food. Hedgehogs can travel up to one mile a night and visit the same gardens but at different times. Leave a gap at the bottom of your gate or fence so they can visit you. Hedgehogs like low hedges to sleep under & log piles & compost heaps which attract insects they can eat.

Garden hazards!

  • Look for hedgehogs in long grass & overgrown hedges before you cut them.
  • Can hedgehogs climb out of your pond if they fall in? A ramp covered in wire netting would help.
  • Remove rubbish like plastic pots & elastic bands and tidy up plant netting that can trap them.
  • Check under bonfires in case a hedgehog is sleeping there.


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