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Annual Volunteer Report 2014 - 2015

Posted: Monday 10th August 2015 by Volunteering

Year on year we report increasing numbers of volunteers and it's a pleasure to report that 2014-15 has again been consistently positive in our activities: old and new.

During this past fiscal year 313 new volunteers have registered, a 29% increase compared to 2013/14, and we now have 1569 volunteers registered with the Trust. This clearly shows that the volunteer program continues to be a strong vibrant force, helping SWT increase the quantity and quality of its work. 

This year has seen a steady increase in volunteer activity, despite the completion of the Surrey Greenspace Project in December 2013. This has been mainly due to a rise in volunteers attending work parties, popularity of the Riversearch Project and other key roles such as Voluntary Trainee Rangers, Woodland Ecology Intern, BEP volunteer and Entomology volunteers.

The biggest contributions of volunteer time have been to the Countryside Management department with 80% of volunteer time. 

The biggest contributions of volunteer time have been to the Countryside Management department with 80% of volunteer time

A number of developments have been made in the last year in correlation to objectives set out in SWT’s Strategic Plan 2013/18.

  • Improved policy and organisational culture that recognizes SWT’s commitment to volunteering across the organisation.
  • With input from both staff and volunteers we have expanded our use of social media platforms and other internet-based means for both advertising our activities and enhancing the volunteering experience.
  • The annual volunteer celebrations have been a great chance to celebrate volunteering and a chance to raise awareness and show thanks to all those that get involved.
  • External funding remains a challenge, however we have secured £5,000 from the Aviva Community Fund to pay for new volunteer tools and training courses.
  • A number of training courses have been carried out for Trainee Rangers and Voluntary Wardens in first aid, chainsaw use and other key training courses.
  • The number of volunteers has increased in specific key roles.
  • Data collection and analysis of volunteer contribution has been improved.

Future Developments

Surrey Wildlife Trust remains committed to volunteering and strives to broaden the variety of volunteer opportunities, while continuing to support existing roles.

Roles such as Voluntary Trainee Rangers, Voluntary Wardens and Visitor Centre volunteers will continue to be developed. In particular it is hoped to increase the number of Voluntary Wardens on SCC sites.

Our work would not be possible without the dedicted and enthusiastic contribution of our volunteers


As the Trust cannot stress too often or too strongly, none of our work would be possible without the dedicated and enthusiastic contribution of our volunteers. They are the people who make it happen, they are the face of SWT, and they are the real success story. On behalf of the Trust, can I offer my heart-felt congratulations and thanks to all these special people. Thanks also to the staff members directly supporting and managing those volunteers.

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