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Ranger Notes: Brentmoor Heath and the Folly Bog

Posted: Tuesday 28th June 2016 by Nature Notes

© James Giles

Summer – late evening strolls, BBQs, ice creams and the inevitable Great British Sunburn!! That’s what most of us will be doing this summer, but the wildlife will also be making the most of the warmer season too!

There have been reports of a Cuckoo Cuculus canorus calling, Dartford warblers Sylvia undata and Hobbys Falco subbuteo nesting, a Grasshopper warbler Locustella naevia singing and sightings of both male and female Adders Vipera berus all on Brentmoor!

Most of these species are on the ‘Red list’; the highest conservation priority, so having these incredible animals on Brentmoor and the Folly throughout the summer is something SHOUT ABOUT!!

The Folly bog is recovering from major surgery after emergency work had to be carried out on a section of Esso pipeline that runs directly under the mire. This was unfortunate timing with regards to the emerging plant species and potential nesting birds, but the contractors worked swiftly and the area is now resting and should hopefully recover well over the coming years.

Our beautiful ‘belties’ will be back grazing the Folly bog in August/September for around six weeks, controlling the vegetation and helping to improve the structure of the boggy habitat. 

Things to lookout for this summer on Brentmoor:

• Silver studded blue butterflies on the wing from late June through July.
• Insectivorous Sundews in the Folly bog waiting for their next meal.
• Listen out for Nightjars ‘churring’ between 9 and 10pm, especially on a calm and dry evening. 

LOOKERS NEEDED - If you walk on Brentmoor and the Folly on a regular basis and see the cattle, perhaps you could be a voluntary Looker? If you are interested, please Ben.

Ben Habgood

Ranger, Brentmoor Heath and the Folly Bog 07891 850882 


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