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Ranger Notes: Chinthurst Hill

Posted: Tuesday 31st March 2015 by Nature Notes

© Jon Hawkins

Chinthurst Hill Local Nature Reserve is owned by Surrey County Council and managed for quiet recreation, nature conservation and sustainable woodland management by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The pigs are due to leave the hill in late December in order that Rangers and grazier can avoid extra trips to carry out welfare checks. The pigs are expected to return in the New Year, subject to the grazier’s plans for breeding from the sows, and we hope to have the greater flexibility of plastic shelters which will make moving them between enclosures a far quicker process.

We have been grateful to a number of locals who have helped with routine welfare check and feed back to the Ranger. We currently have a need for cover on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays so would be grateful to hear from any regular visitors who would like to help out. Training will be provided for all individuals.

Having completed a five year English Woodland Grant Scheme last spring, this winter will be quieter in terms of woodland work. All woodland either managed or owned by SWT is being surveyed to provide an inventory or tree species, size, shape, topography and access to guide our future woodland work with a view to meeting the criteria of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. Tree safety work will continue and scrub/hedging and woodland edge work will continue on the meadow but there will be a pause on larger scale works until a new management plan has been prepared.

The car park has also been revamped by closing off the southern end, with a view to discouraging joy riding, fly tipping and antisocial behaviour but with only a relatively small loss of spaces. Organised walking groups/events who need extra space can hire the area beyond the barriers for a small fee.

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Leo Jennings

Ranger - South Team

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