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BioBlitz 2014 at Newlands Corner

Posted: Thursday 26th June 2014 by Nature Notes

Talay Namintraporn

This year's BioBlitz was a great success with 300+ attendees over the 24 hour period. Read about the experience of one young visitor in her own words...

I loved the Bioblitz, it was great fun

My experience of the 24 hour Bioblitz countdown began in the early evening with moth trapping. As the sun set, moths began to swarm around the extremely bright lights from the 3 traps set up on the chalk grassland hills; it was amazing to witness, there were just so many! I was able to see my first Elephant hawk moth, Emerald moth and many other beautiful species.

I left before midnight and returned early the next morning to see some stunning, large and very impressive Privet Hawk Moths, the burnished brass moth (I think that was its name), the Poplar Hawk Moth and many others.

Throughout the day I went out collecting with a sweep net and bare hands (a spot and grab technique that improved as the day went on)! Back at the centre I had a go at identifying my finds, mostly beetles. I found a rather shiny green frog legged beetle (Odemera nobilis), some red Soldier beetles (Cantharids), the beautiful metallic Cryptocephalus leaf beetles and Omaloplia ruricola, a species of Scarab beetle. With Scotty’s expert help and extraordinary entomological knowledge, I managed to identify a total of 12 different species of beetle, all very exciting stuff! 

I spotted many butterflies including Marbled Whites, Red Admirals, Small Tortoiseshells, Skippers and large Fritillary’s as well as many Burnet Moths. There were also a large number of Burnet moth caterpillars, many of which were parasitized by fly larvae, which was rather disgusting as they were being eaten from the inside out!

I loved the Bioblitz, it was great fun, I learnt loads and met many interesting people. I will definitely return next year!



Talay Namintraporn

Talay is 14 years old and attends the Sir William Perkins's School in Chertsey.


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