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Ranger Notes: Norbury Park

Posted: Friday 20th June 2014 by Nature Notes

Norbury Park

So far it has been a very good year for the orchids on Norbury Park, with Common Spotted in particular coming up in large numbers right across the site, and now some Bee orchids and Pyramidal too.

Butterfly numbers are increasing and so is the variety of species found.

Other species to be found amongst the chalk grassland are Vervain, St. John’s-wort, Rock-rose, Bird’s-foot trefoil, Hedge and Lady’s Bedstraw, and Common Vetch, to name but a few. Cow Parsley, Green Alkanet and Red Campion add their colours to the hedgerows and woodland rides.

Butterfly numbers are increasing and so is the variety of species found. These include Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Common Blue, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Marbled White, Small Heath, Large Skipper and the rarer Silver-spotted Skipper. Butterfly surveys are carried out from April to September.

On the three farms on Norbury Park the cattle with calves, and sheep with lambs are all now out in the fields. In other fields grass is grown as a crop and at this time of year is cut and harvested as silage or hay, providing food for the stock in winter.

In early summer sheep will be shorn, ridding them of their heavy wool fleeces. In late summer crops such as wheat and barley will be harvested, the grain stored or sold and the straw baled for use as food or bedding.

General management of Norbury Park over the summer involves maintaining the Rights of Way network. Footpaths and bridleways will have vegetation cut back and strimmed, and gates, steps, signs and fences repaired or replaced as necessary. Other surveys are also carried out such as Grassland Condition Assessments and the Park’s stretch of the River Mole will also be surveyed.

Norbury Park is situated between Dorking and Leatherhead on the A24. Full Reserve Details here.

Andrea Neal

SWT Ranger, Norbury Park



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