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Westfield, Wally and Wildlife

Posted: Wednesday 2nd December 2015 by OutdoorLearning

Westfield WallyWestfield Wally

Introducing the Westfield Common Volunteers... and their mascot

Surrey Wildlife Trust and Woking Borough Council signed an agreement in June 2012 that saw funds committed to the conservation of Westfield Common for a 10-year period. As part of this agreement a budget was allocated to retain the services of the Trust to engage the local community and to fund activities and events.

The Trust has researched, consulted and produced an ecological management plan that will maintain and enhance the features of this site of nature conservation importance.

The Common is a mosaic of small woods, scrub, grassland and wetland supporting a diversity of native plants and animals, but is particularly valued for its wet woodland habitat.

A three-year community engagement plan has a vision for a Common rich in wildlife that is used and enjoyed by local people.

Surrey Wildlife Trust is therefore working with the community to establish a volunteer group and work with them to improve the management of Westfield Common so that it is maintained for wildlife, as well as enjoyed and appreciated by local people.

This autumn Westfield Common Volunteers, who meet on alternate Thursdays and occasionally on Saturdays, have been busy coppicing willow trees to create a glade around a pond in an area of wet woodland near Bonsey Lane. They’ve also cleared vegetation blocking footpaths used by parents and children going to nearby Westfield School.

On one of the work days SWT Community Engagement Coordinator Paul Ritchie discovered a new recruit living rough in the woods! The toy gorilla, nicknamed Westfield Wally, has been adopted by the volunteers as their mascot, so keep an eye out on future articles on his progress.

If you want to find out more about our volunteer opportunities across Surrey email:

Paul Ritchie

Community Engagement Officer

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