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Bishop's Meadow Trust

Posted: Tuesday 23rd August 2016 by Communities

Bishop’s Meadow Trust recently got together to develop a three-year strategy for conserving this flood meadow of the River Wey near Farnham.

We now need to get down to the hard work and make it happen

It’s not easy to think outside of the box! Sometimes small local voluntary organisations are so busy “doing the day job” that we don’t make space for thinking about and planning for the future. However, the Bishop’s Meadow Trust (BMT) took up the challenge and its Board developed a 3 year strategy to guide its activities, fundraising and growth up to 2019.

Our Trust was formed in 2009 to buy and preserve 34 acres of historic meadow in the River Wey floodplain close to the centre of Farnham. With a lot of hard work and overwhelming support from the people of Farnham the land was bought and we are the very proud owner of one of the largest piece of privately owned land in Farnham.

BMT must take on a role as a landowner and conservator, which brings with it new goals and long term objectives. Although fundraising is still a priority, our focus has changed and we realised the need for a longer term strategy that will identify and balance both old and new aims and objectives.

Our new strategy was created in a series of workshops organised by BMT Director Pippa Hoyland, using a mix of discussion, brainstorming and analysis. Key objectives range from land management to community engagement to ensuring good governance for the future sustainability of the BMT and its work.

The BMT is a member of the Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) Group Membership Scheme and Community Learning Coordinator, Paul Ritchie, visited the site to share his thoughts, ideas and recommendations, including suggesting the development of a longer term plan.

Developing a strategic plan provided us with an opportunity to reach consensus about our vision for the future and how to get there. However, this is only the first step in the process and we now have to get down to the hard work of putting our strategy into place

Maybe after reading this article you feel your own group would benefit from undertaking a similar review but are not sure what to do next – why not contact us or SWT?

Pippa Hoyland

Bishop's Meadow Trust

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